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Hans Ulrich Obrist,

Artistic Director

OF Serpentine Galleries, London

“I am happy to participate in this project at the  Liverpool John Moores University. It is always important to support emerging artists – now, during this moment of crisis, more so than ever. This year’s theme of exploring different realities and how they are connected is one of particular interest to me; as Edward Witten recently told me: “I do think that string theory does show a surprising ability to connect things that do not appear connected on the surface. We have not yet discovered what is really at the heart of string theory, and whatever it is will I hope be a central formula or concept of 21st century.”

Miranda Sawyer,

writer and broadcaster

"Art responds to the artist's environment, to the life of a person and people. In the past few weeks, our expansive, casual lives have been suddenly reduced and rule-bound. The extraordinary has become everyday, and vice versa. At the moment, life on earth is weird; life on Mars perhaps less so. A degree show on Mars seems quite reasonable. I'm very happy to be an external selector for this year's Fine Art BA degree students from Liverpool John Moores University. As they say themselves, this planet is currently broken. An online multiverse art show - a degree show from Mars - is an excellent way to escape our smashed system and shattered plans."

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